Improving your aim in CS:GO is not just one technique, it's a culmination of all of the elements covered in this guide combined together. We will be digging deeper into each topic in their own section with guides and resources to help you improve. (5).gif

What we will cover:

Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement is the concept of putting your crosshair where the enemy is going to be; meaning keeping your crosshair at head level and predicting to the best of your ability where an enemy will appear on your screen. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes you to move your crosshair onto your enemy because your crosshair was already on the enemy.

Map awareness and game knowledge play a big part in having good crosshair placement, but even before you have all of this knowledge you can create good muscle memory to always have your crosshair in the right place on your screen based on the part of the map you are walking through. Slicing the pie is a term you have probably heard before in relation to shooting games, its a technique used to effectively clear areas one piece of the pie at a time.


Refrag Prefire is the best way to practice and improve your crosshair placement as Prefire places bots in commonly played spots in games and you have to work your way through these arenas killing the bots before they kill you. It teaches you how to effectively clear areas on maps while not over exposing yourself to your enemies.

Check out this short video from Launders talking about “how good was swag’s crosshair placement”

Crosshair placement in relation to the type of peek someone will generally have like in the video above is a more advanced level concept to practice and master, but is undoubtedly what sets the good players apart from the greats. Knowing what type of peek a player is generally going to make on you on specific parts of maps is crucial to the type of crosshair placement you are going to use. You can practice this in Refrags Angle Trainer mod which allows you to create custom scenarios and practice them over and over again getting loads of reps in very quickly instead of them spread out over 20 different pugs/matches/scrims you were in.